Domestic Violence, Traumatic Effects : Fighting For A Change Essay

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Domestic Violence, Traumatic Effects: Fighting For a Change Many women and children suffer from forms of domestic violence. Many women believe that if they stay silent then hopefully, eventually, the abuse will stop. Very rarely does the abuser ever willingly stop their abuse. There are many stories of women who suffered from abusive relationships who eventually found the courage to leave. They talk about the impact the relationships had on their self-esteem as well as the excuses the abusers gave them for their violent episodes. Many women talk of their confusion between what was reality and what was not due to their trust and belief in their lovers. The men, sometimes women, of these relationships are so very controlling that it makes them dangerous. The men typically are so convincing at being the good guy that they are able to hide in plain sight from everyone. A woman’s short story about her abusive relationship and her advice:
I was in my late twenties when I met my ex at the church I attended. We married a year later.
He slapped me across the face one time when we were engaged as he didn’t like the meal that I cooked. I was dumbfounded but accepted his apologies and excuse of having had a hard day at work. The abuse started a week after we were married and escalated very quickly. Six months into the marriage I asked him for a divorce. He said that if I divorced him he would kill me and kill my parents.
I confided in the minister of the church as to what was going on.…

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