Essay about Domestic Violence Topics

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Domestic Cycle of Violence Incident * Any type of abuse occurs (physical/sexual/emotional)
Tension Building * Abuser starts to get angry * Abuse may begin * There is a breakdown of communication * Victim feels the need to keep the abuser calm * Tension becomes too much * Victim feels like they are 'walking on egg shells'
* Abuser may apologize for abuse * Abuser may promise it will never happen again * Abuser may blame the victim for causing the abuse * Abuser may deny abuse took place or say it was not as bad as the victim claims
* Abuser acts like the abuse never happened * Physical abuse may not be taking place * Promises made during 'making-up' may be met
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You may be afraid of prejudice. You may be afraid of being blamed for going out of your community for help.
If you are a lesbian, gay, or transgendered person...
You may be afraid of having people know about your sexual orientation.
If you are physically or mentally challenged or elderly...
You may depend on your abuser to care for you. You may not have other people to help you.
If you are a male victim of abuse...
You may be ashamed and scared that no one will believe you.
If you are from another country...
You may be afraid of being deported.
If your religion makes it hard to get help...
You may feel like you have to stay and not break up the family.
If you are a teen...
You could be a victim of abuse or at risk if you are dating someone who: * is very jealous and/or spies on you * will not let you break off the relationship * hurts you in any way, is violent, or brags about hurting other people * puts you down or makes you feel bad * forces you to have sex or makes you afraid to say no to sex * abuses drugs or alcohol; pressures you to use drugs or alcohol * has a history of bad relationships and blames it on others
It is hard for teens to leave their abuser if they go to the same school. They cannot hide. Gay and lesbian teens are very isolated. They can be scared they may have to reveal their sexual orientation.

If you think you are being abused, think about getting help. If your family or friends warn

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