Domestic Violence : Statistics And Facts Essay

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More than 3 million children witness domestic violence in their homes every year (“Domestic Violence: Statistics & Facts”). All children, whether they are a young child in preschool or a teenager in high school, face challenges when exposed to domestic violence. Seeing traumatizing events involving violence can affect their ability to do everyday tasks and can alter their success of their future. Children who are exposed to domestic violence are more at risk to be affected physically and emotionally compared to children who do not experience it.
As society has struggled with domestic abuse, it has become more prevalent that this is a large problem with detrimental consequences. In "Child Custody Decisions In Families Experiencing Woman Abuse” Daniel G. Saunders [the author] states that, “Men are generally the ones who initiate violence more often and cause more injury to the women and children in the household” (51). In a tremendous amount of relationships, men have become more domineering and it is about control rather than affection. They [men] do not understand how their actions will affect the people around them when they abuse their spouse or significant other. Domestic violence is most commonly known as abuse that is more severe than slapping, spanking, or shoving (52). While violence that occurs in the household is mostly physical, other forms of abuse, like verbal and emotional abuse, also have a major impact on people who are exposed to…

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