Domestic Violence Program : A Non Profit Association Essay

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The Domestic Violence Program is a non-profit association committed to end forcefulness and discrimination in the lives of sufferers suffering the fear, pain, and shame of domestic exploitation.
The organization helps those in need and to put an end to domestic violence in the lives of relatives, families and friends in the community.
The Domestic Violence Program was established in January 1986, in discussion with the Nashville YWCA, as a voluntary work for the residents of Rutherford County. In July 1987, the Domestic Violence Program turn out to be fully independent from the YWCA.
In 1988, the Domestic Violence Program secured two minor houses to begin with safe shelters. After 15 years of bigger use and inadequate space, grant funding was gotten from the Christy-Houston Foundation, along with substantial donations from the Charity Circle of Murfreesboro, to construct a new shelter. This shelter was opened in December of 2003, and was considered it one of the top shelters in the nation.
The Domestic Violence Program aids the community by serving sufferers of domestic violence without discrimination of creed, race, color, age, sex, disability, or lifestyle. The Domestic Violence Program is a certified non-profit organization, which is to some extent funded by the State of Tennessee and is a contributing United Way agency.
To provide support in order to prevent incidents of domestic violence among family and household fellows
To lessen…

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