Essay on Domestic Violence On Ray Rice

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Some of these cases involved allegations. I'm sure the NFL has suspended indefinitely players who has a more cruel video tape of evidence. The NFL is in desire need of male leadership when it comes to violence against women. In the wake of the Rice video's release, the owner of the ravens sent a letter to stakeholders that outlined mistakes, apologized and promised a better response in the future. In this society, we have to open our eyes think affect of long-term, in this case, domestic violence because we cannot let these situations get over hyped and out of control of the situation and the individuals involved as well. The short-term attention and never hinder the long-term effect on this society on how it viewpoints an organization. Ray Rice can use this experience to help him as a spokesman for domestic violence cases when this situation goes down.
Ray Rice was talking at the press conference about how he let his mom, wife, daughter, wife's parents and teammates down. It was a big mistake for conflicting his anger on his wife on that night. He wanted to get some help on his actions. I think that he could of think first before he react to it. I think his fiancée shouldn't keep on provoking him and thinking that he wouldn't do anything to her. In this situation, it should of have stopped from the beginning where they got into a huge argument. When you get

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