Domestic Violence : Not Only Affects The Abuser Essay

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Domestic Violence not only affects the abuser, the victim and the children involved, it also affects the community in which surrounds those people. As the topic of domestic violence has gained more recognition in media, from different organizations, and mostly importantly our community as a whole. Even though the subject is becoming more in your face, there are some questions that have yet to be answered. What is domestic violence, who is affected by domestic violence, how can someone get help, and how do people let it happen to them. These questions are important to understand when someone or an organization wants to fully help people who are victims of this violent act.
Domestic Violence is defined as, “a pattern of coercive behavior used by one person to control and subordinate another in an intimate relationship. These behaviors include physical, sexual, emotional, and economic abuse. Tactics of coercion, terrorism, degradation, exploitation, and violence are used to engender fear in the victim in order to enforce compliance." (McCue, 3). According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, “every nine seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten” and “1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have been physically abused by an intimate partner.” There have been a lot more commercials discussing domestic violence, music videos describing the act itself, and there are different organizations that cater to the needs. With the above statistics shows that this can happen to…

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