Domestic Violence Is The Violation Within The Home Essay

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Current Even Paper: Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is the violation within the home especially between the spouses or partners. As days passing, it is turning into a bigger issue, not only because it is occurring more, but also because it is having a significant impact on one’s life. Though, it is typically physical abuse to a spouse or partner, it affects psychologically, perhaps more than physical affects. Domestic violence has no restriction, because it happens within any ages, any religion, any ethnical background, and any economical level. Though, women are usually the victims of domestic violence more, it happens to men as well. Men are usually abused verbally and emotionally, but surprisingly, men are also abused physically in some cases or in some circumstances. With that being said, it can be easily understood that domestic violence isn’t a small issue at all. It is an issue all over the United States. However, there are also some laws for the domestic violence to keep it under control in each and every state. Just like every other state, Michigan State also has certain laws for the domestic violence, but it isn’t updated in years. Nevertheless, based on the social symbiotic functionalism theory and according to an article from Detroit Free Press by Harvey Santana and Kurt Heise, I argue that Michigan State must strengthen domestic violence laws.
Social symbolic functionalism theory is basically means a group of people functioning as a whole sociologically to…

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