Domestic Violence Is Not Easy As A Child Or As An Adult Essay

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Dealing with domestic violence is not easy as a child or as an adult. One in three women are abused. That is actually one of the most challenging conflicts that could possibly happen to a woman. Domestic violence has been around for years, and it is only getting worse. Most of the time, when a female is going through this situation, she hope for a change in the abuse, but nine times out of ten it get worse. It can start off as a little hit, then build up to an everyday thing. Females have soft hearts, so they may not leave. When they have children around to witness this issue, it really affects the children and how they will act. Many people define domestic violence in different ways. The three main causes are when a partner feels he needs total control of his partner, extreme jealousy, and difficulties in regulating anger and other strong emotions.
Domestic violence normally starts when jealousy overcomes in the home. The effect that domestic violence has on a child can cause them to do things like get in trouble with law enforcement, that’s when everything begins. It can even follow them as they grow up into adults. Some of the children are going through this at the age of three or younger. It is really sad to know that someone out there is so young and is going through so much pain and stress. They do not even know what is going on when it happens or why they are getting beat like that. Dealing with this issue is not good at all, and then there is nothing the child can…

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