Domestic Violence Is Becoming An Issue Essays

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Domestic violence is becoming an issue not only in the United States, but an issue around the world. There have been many studies on why domestic violence occurs between heterosexual and same sex relationships. Most studies have shown that domestic violence is occurred when drinking is involved, when one partner is having money problems, and one partner may have an anger issue. There are studies also to show that domestic violence occurs most likely in lower income families. Some studies argue that domestic violence may be a result because of culture values. Among these issues studies say that it is hard to find out who is really the victim and this situation. As a main result higher levels of acceptance were reported by those who observed (DVAW) domestic violence against women as less severe less frequent. The high level of acceptance were among men who knows an offender and lower among men who know a victim (Gracia). Victims blaming attitude is associated with higher levels of acceptance (Gracia). In some countries with higher gender empowerment measure the difference in acceptability among those who is to blame and those who not to blame the victim is greater (Gracia).
With domestic violence there is always an outcome regarding to their physical and mental health wellbeing. Its states in the article titled “Acceptability of domestic violence against women in the European Union: a multilevel analysis”, that in the degree of abusive behaviors at home against women overall…

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