Domestic Violence Is An Act Of Violent Or Aggressive Behavior Within The Home

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Domestic violence is an act of violent or aggressive behavior within the home. This type of abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender. Or other factors such as drugs and alcohol. Domestic violence/abuse has a vast impact on young children and women, but contrary to popular belief not only women are impacted by abuse. There have been cases where a man has been a victim of domestic violence. Cases where adolescent children are subjected to domestic violence studies show they mimic the actions they see. Not only will this impact how the child acts at home but they will think that type of behavior is acceptable at school, work and any other social situations. To get a better understanding on how this type of violence can affect a home, child, community, worship centers and society. I interviewed three people from different walks of life, asking them similar questions on how domestic violence and general violence affected them and their lives. Here are their perceptions. Rabbi Jeffrey Goldwasser was the first to be interviewed, as the rabbi at temple Sinai he was a perfect person to talk to. As I explained to him what I was tasked to do and what my paper was on he began to nod his head saying “I see violence every day not so much domestic but general I see more and more all over the world here and in Israel”. I started to ask how has the violence affected him and the temple community? “Over the years there has been windows broken,…

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