Essay on Domestic Violence Is A Serious Issue

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Domestic violence is a private issue which many people are not capable of saying what is going on. Domestic violence doesn’t only mean when someone hits another person but, it also means when someone uses a loud voice, yells, and uses aggressive behavior abuses another person and financially dependent. There are many types of domestic violence regarding to an abuse as physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse and psychological abuse. Many victims think that Domestic Violence is something that their partner or family member will stop doing at some point, but no. Domestic violence is a serious issue that might cause a homicide, and the destruction of the family.

As usual, people have different opinions about domestic violence. As I was researching, I found some good information about people’s opinion about what domestic violence is. Most of the people gave their opinion how they feel about domestic violence. People think that, “the issue of domestic violence is now a chronic one in our society”, (Gibson). In the other hand people has different opinion about Domestic Violence other think that domestic violence can only happen in poor families but, others think that Domestic Violence happen everywhere. Mostly likely people over viewed that domestic violence is a “keep hidden perpetrated in ways that are difficult to spot to the outside world” due to the CNN information, many victims prefer to hide than speak up, (Horley). Many people agree that “Domestic…

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