Domestic Violence in Immigrant Families Essay

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Uhunmwagho I. Angela
SOCW 357: Social Work, Law and Social Policy
Assignment Three: Canadian Human Rights Report
Topic – Violence against immigrant women in South Asian, African and Korean communities Instructor: Jane Birbeck

March 21st, 2011

Annotated Bibliography: Violence against Immigrant Women in South Asian, African and Korean Communities
An annotated bibliography
Annotated Bibliography Introduction
This paper analyzes the phenomenon of violence against immigrant women, specifically within South Asian, African and Korean communities in North America. The paper will examine factors that arise from the process of immigration for these cultural groups that pose as barriers to immigrant families
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She goes on to cite various examples of cases whereby Indian women have been victims as well as perpetrators of violence used culture as the justification for their offenses, and how this has raised arguments within the courtroom, the law system and the society. According to Dasgupta, the law sometimes omits the role of culture in understanding a defendant’s state of mind. She highlights the importance of establishing a balance with the beliefs, practices and values embedded in the culture of immigrants and the culture of the American law.
Dasgupta asserts that culture should be integrated into the courtroom process else the law would be contradicting its own cultures by ignoring differences. She further asserts that appropriate responses are required to question the acceptance of violence due to culture in South Asian American families. She states a number of state responses that have helped to embrace cultural differences including the emergence of ethnic shelters and domestic violence intervention groups which serve as good safe spaces for battered immigrant women. Dasgupta further examines the interplay of structural oppression such as race and gender in the eradication of domestic violence. Finally, she emphasizes that the patriarchal nature of many immigrant cultures does more harm than good to abused women and shedding off some of these cultural beliefs might be

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