Domestic Violence Homicides Are On The Rise Essay

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Domestic Violence Homicides are on the Rise Domestic violence has been a widespread national issue for several years. “Intimate partner violence accounts for 15% of all violent crime” (NCADV. "NATIONAL STATISTICS."). Domestic violence has several different meanings to several different people. Domestic violence is defined as the willingness to intimidate, physically assault, sexually assualt and/or other harmful behavior in order to show power and control over another person (NCADV. “What is Domestic Violence?”). With the help of communities across the nation, domestic violence in itself can be put to an end.
Recently domestic violence has become a local matter. Domestic violence homicide rates are on the rise in the city of Toledo, Ohio. Nearly one in three murders in Toledo are domestic violence cases (Montgomery, Amy). The amount of murders total so far this year in Toledo is astounding. “One of the most disturbing things this year is we’ve had seven homicides that are directly related to domestic violence” (Montgomery, Alexandra). There are hundreds and hundreds of varying solutions to the issue of the rising numbers of domestic violence homicides, but there is only one solution of the highest quality. One possible solution to the rise of domestic violence homicides is creating more shelters in downtown Toledo for victims of domestic violence, or abusive relationships. A shelter would serve as a safe place for victims to get away from their abusive relationships. Many…

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