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Domestic violence is mainly physical, but also psychological, sexual or financial violence that happens within a family or a family type relationship. The main pattern that occurs within domestic violence is gender. The most common form of domestic violence is the abuse of women by men. 1 in 4 women has been assaulted by a partner at some time in her life time, 1 in 8 repeatedly so.

Groups in society most at risk of domestic violence include children, people in lower social classes, those living in rented accommodation, low income families and those people who are alcohol and/or drug dependant. According to a British Crime Survey, the offender was under the influence of alcohol in 39% of cases.

Children exposed to or part of
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While under the influence, it becomes difficult to control emotions which, while arguing, may lead to violence.

A women and her unborn child are at increased risk during pregnancy. Domestic violence is more likely to begin or escalate during the pregnancy. This is because she becomes even more vulnerable and her partner will then have power over her and become even more dominant within the relationship, sometimes leading to violence.

Radical feminists believe that domestic violence is a predictable feature of patriarchal society. They believe men are more likely to be violent towards their partner because 'aggression towards women is part of the patriarchal system'. This links patterns of domestic violence to dominant social norms and gender roles in the relationship.

Some men feel that a woman's main priority should be to do all the house work while they go to their paid employment. Failure of this may lead to domestic abuse as the man feels he has power over the woman. This inevitably leads to the woman’s feeling of oppression. A reason why many women don’t leave their abusive partner is because they’re economically dependent on them. The women who do leave their abusive husband are forced to go back to them for economic reasons.

Fiona Brookman believes that the nature of masculinity is partly to blame. In today’s culture, masculinity values control over others, so men can be violent if they feel they need to regain control over their

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