Essay on Domestic Violence During The 1970 ' S

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Learning about domestic violence has helped me to expand my knowledge regarding this subject. Domestic violence includes grabbing, hitting, kicking, shocking, and even saying demeaning words. Domestic violence can be defined in two terms social and legal. Most of the time domestic violence refers to violence between married or couples who live together, but domestic violence can also include violence against household members, children, and relatives. Over the years the laws of domestic violence have changed, now there is more security for the victims and a rougher penalty for the offender. Domestic violence is a subject that keeps growing therefore there are more laws against violence as well as more specialized courts for domestic violence.
Domestic violence involving married couples grabbed the attention of everyone during the 1970’s. “Beginning in the 1970’s, social policy toward female victims of domestic violence assaults had focused on improving legal responses to protect women and punish offenders”. (Fagan, 1996) During the 1970’s, the law wanted to find out the best way to reduce domestic violence so their main focus was on the effects of increasing punishment cost of violence to intimate couples. Women in the late 1970’s could not obtain a restraining order against a violent spouse unless she was willing to file for divorce at the same time. Female victims of domestic violence had to get protection and help from organizations and institutions like family churches…

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