Domestic Violence And The Nfl Essay

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Domestic Violence in the NFL has become a terrible problem over the years, it has escalated and the NFL is having a difficult time controlling it. Dating back to the O.J Simpson trial in 1994, the NFL had no plan for these types of cases. The old NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue thought that if it didn’t happen on the field it didn’t affect the NFL organization (Barrabi). Imagine that kind of a response now? Our society would be outraged more than they already are about this issue.
Domestic Violence has become such a huge topic in Sports. “Since September 2006, law enforcement authorities have pursued at least 50 domestic violence cases against NFL players, from disputes with women all the way to murder and at least five allegations of assaulting or choking pregnant women” (Schrotenboer). Now people may think 50 is a low number, but that’s the problem we have in society. It should be ZERO. Keep in mind that the numbers we see are all the documented arrests. A lot of cases in Domestic Violence go unsolved because the victim usually wants to protect her husband who probably has a lot of money and she doesn’t have a choice. It is not nescciarliy the amount of Domestic Abuse charges that truly concerns people, its how the NFL responds to these problems. There could be better polices, more efficient polices in the NFL to make sure these circumstances do not repeat themselves.
Domestic violence has a huge affect on society as a whole. It only takes 1 NFL player to change…

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