Domestic Violence And The National Football League Essay

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There has been a wide variety of issues between professional football players and obeying the law over the years in the league and it is no secret. Between drug use, weapon charges, and tax evasion there is no shortage of controversy to discuss and the news can’t get enough of it. However in recent years, and months specifically, there has been a large amount of controversy pertaining to the players and domestic violence. Even though domestic violence is not limited to the National Football League, the way the NFL has handled it has been what is under fire. Although this issue is a serious matter and the league has created commercials and campaigns against domestic violence saying “No more.”, it seems as if there truly has “no more” in the way of punishment beyond that. In 2007 the National Football League, led by Roger Goodell, had implemented a personal conduct policy. The policy states that “any crime involving the use or threat of physical violence to a person or persons; the use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a crime; possession or distribution of a weapon in violation of state or federal law; involvement in "hate crimes" or crimes of domestic violence; theft, larceny or other property crimes; sex offenses; racketeering; money laundering; obstruction of justice; resisting arrest; fraud; and violent or threatening conduct (Sports.Espn)”. Although that policy had covered all of those equally, it was found that a player that was charged with domestic…

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