Domestic Violence And Sexual Violence Essay

1201 Words Nov 23rd, 2014 null Page
From our research, I have found out that there are more domestic violence cases than one could expect. Many cases also have never been reported to the police. Most of the cases deal with the woman as the victim. “85% of domestic violence victims are women (“Domestic Violence Facts”, n.d.).” There have been many changes taking place nationally to deal with domestic violence against women. The first step for a victim of domestic violence is knowing how to recognize the signs. If your partner is controlling, tries to isolate you from the outside world, very demanding, overreacts to small issues, makes you feel guilty all the time, etc. These are some warning signs that you could be a victim of abuse. Many women tend to forget that abuse is not only physical. Abuse deals with emotional, economical, psychological, sexual and physical. It is very important for all victims of domestic violence to report to someone because many victims end up as a statistic for a domestic violence homicide. “Almost one-third of female homicide victims that are reported in police records are killed by an intimae partner (“Domestic Violence Facts”, n.d.).” Speaking up in the beginning can save a life in the end. There have been many organizations created to support survivors and spread the awareness of domestic violence. There is a 24 hour National Domestic Violence Hotline number for one’s who want to stay anonymous and just need a clue on how to get help. The number is 1800-799-7233. There are over…

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