Domestic Violence And Sexual Violence Essay

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In this study, the researchers began their search on the topic domestic violence abusers. When looking at the topic before they begun they had found that two to four million women are involved in a domestic violence each year. As found in previous years domestic battering has always been the number one common choice in violence. The purpose and idea for this was to describe the characteristics of the defendants that being accused of domestic abuse in the protection from abuse order (PFA) which is issued from the courts. Very small amounts of domestic assaults are reported to the police which shows that less than 10% of violent incidents had been reported to the authorities.
When conducting the research in Kansas they had to choose the county with the most arrest, which ended up being Sedgwick County, Kansas. This area reports most domestic violence arrest compared to all of the other communities in the state. Reporting these incidents to the police and what has to constitute is as a domestic violence case can mask over the extent of the problem. As well they obtained access to the protection from domestic violence data, with only seeing criminal records and reports which helped with the research. The FBI showed the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) for 1999, 151,200 people had offenses against family and children. Battering and domestic violence can be said as a physical attack usually seen between males and females whom are a couple. These attacks can vary from being serious to…

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