Domestic Violence And Sexual Violence Essay

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Social work practice has been a part of our culture for over 400 years. Beginning with Charitable Organizational Societies and Settlement Houses, social workers have been tasked with providing services to people from a diverse community in which there could be differences in cultural backgrounds, lifestyle choices, and coping styles. As a practitioner, it is our job to be impartial, nonjudgmental, and objective when intervening with clients. As a woman who believes in equal opportunity for women and seeks to decrease gender-related violence in our homes, domestic violence is an arena that can be problematic for clinicians to remain impartial and objective, not to mention emotionally neutral. Domestic violence can be defined as “Domestic violence and emotional abuse are behaviors used by one person in a relationship to control the other.” ( When working with women in a micro or macro environment, the issue of intimate relationships will inevitably be broached. A healthy relationship can be a subjective viewpoint and what some find acceptable practice can be viewed as abusive to others. Physical violence in the form of broken bones, bruises, and or black eyes is difficult to argue. But emotional abuse is often hidden behind sad eyes and creates a story that is shrouded in shame and silence. When I completed my bachelor’s degree, I had the opportunity to volunteer within a court system that housed Victim Advocate representatives.…

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