Domestic Violence And Sexual Abuse Essay

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Domestic Violence
Domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence (IPV), is defined as mental, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse by someone who is in a personal relationship with the abuser. The effects of this abuse can be both direct, causing death, rape or injury; and indirect causing psychological and sociological harm (Stover, & Lent, 2014). Stover and Lent (2014) further explained that while 36 % of women and 28 % of men have experienced either physical or sexual abuse by an intimate partner, many domestic violence services are primarily focused on women and children (Stover & Lent, 2014). Both types of abuse have lasting generational effects when witnessed or experienced by children in the household. Domestic violence research has overcome many obstacles and challenges over the years. Once perceived as a private matter kept within the confines of the family unit, domestic violence has become universally studied by both sociologists and psychologists’ alike (Morgan & Coombes, 2013). Many rural advocacy institutions provide shelter services, crisis hotlines, counseling, batterer interventions, legal services, and social services; many of which have been minimally evaluated for efficacy (Bennett et al., 2004).
Domestic Violence Advocate
The domestic violence advocate is a person who counsels, intervenes, encourages, and supports victims of interpersonal violence. Johnson (2014) describes the rural advocate as those who work to protect the interests of the…

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