Domestic Violence And Its Impact On Family Members Essay

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Domestic Violence and its impact on Family members.

Many media outlets have tried to enlighten the public about domestic violence. They have broadcasted the message through TV shows, social media and even through celebrities. However, this is not enough, a lot of people still are unknowledgeable about domestic violence and its long term effect. According to Oxford Dictionary, domestic violence is the violent or hostile behaviour within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner. Domestic violence can be seen in many shapes and forms. Domestic Violence is usually physically, emotionally or sexually abuse. Domestic violence is a broad topic, in this essay however it mainly speaks on it impact on different family members. By looking at domestic violence it can be stated that there will be a strain/effect on all family members. This is so because it will affect child’s life, can also be in the form of dating abuse and will cause an effect on the abuse life. Firstly, a child’s environment is crucial to its growth. What a child experience can cause an impact on the child’s development. According to Iris Kern, writer of “Emerging Response to Child Abuse,” an article published in Virgin Island paper, stated that approximately, 10 to 20% are exposed to adult domestic violence every year. That means that roughly 10 -20% of children are more likely to become abusers or are being abused themselves. Children exposed to abuse will more likely be antisocial,…

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