Domestic Violence And Its Effects Essay example

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Domestic violence is any repetitive amount of abuse in a relationship that is used by one partner to gain power and control over another intimate partner. Domestic violence can be physical, emotional, economic, or psychological actions or threats of actions that influence another person. Domestic violence is a tremendous problem currently and there is no sure way to make it truly go away. This type of abuse is a frequent complication in Middle Tennessee today. There are programs instituted to help those affected get the knowledge they need and to help them prevent this violence in further generations. Organizations like YWCA are doing helping prevent these victims through fundraising, spreading awareness, and getting information to those in need.

One in four women will experience domestic violence in their life. In Nashville alone, 26,236 domestic violence incidents were recorded in 2013, amounting to one every twenty minutes and one every nine seconds. In one year, this comes out to ten million men and women. One in seven women and one in eighteen men have been1 stalked by a relationship partner or past partner to a point in which they felt fearful that they or someone near them would be harmed or killed. One hundred ninety-three million women and fifty-one million men have been stalked in their lifetime. On a typical day, more than twenty thousand calls are made a to report domestic violence. Only thirty-four percent of people who are victims of domestic violence…

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