Domestic Violence And Its Effects Essay

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Domestic Violence Domestic violence is usually referred to as the abusive or violent behavior which an individual has to face at home. The domestic violence is considered as a type of physical abuse which is often not reported to higher authorities since the person guilty of committing such a heinous crime is a family member. People usually hide the domestic violence to which they are exposed so as to protect the family from bad name. It is known as domestic violence since it involves a disturbing pattern of abuse and violence inside the house (Garcia-Moreno et al., 12). This type of abuse is more severe as compared to other types of abuse which take place outside house since it takes place inside house which is considered to be a safe haven. If the people are not even safe inside their houses, they would be unable to feel safe at any other place of world. Therefore, domestic violence is the form of violence in which the individual affected could have severe mental as well as psychological issues related to trust as well as intimacy. This paper is being written so as to discuss the various effects of domestic violence as well as evaluating the cases of domestic violence which occur all over the world (Johnson, 9).
It is usually thought the domestic violence is only the physical abuse through which an individual has to pass. However, the physical abuse could take various forms like verbal mistreatment, physical mistreatment, religious mistreatment, emotional mistreatment as…

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