Domestic Violence And Its Effects Essay

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Domestic Violence
Did you know every nine seconds, in the United States, a women is beaten or assaulted? On average about twenty people, in the United States, are assaulted by their “loved one.” One in five women and one in seven men have been victimized and severely physically assaulted by their intimate partner within their lifetime. Domestic Violence is a major social problem and concern in the United States. Domestic violence occurs when one feels as if they are in control or has power over someone else through intimidation, often times including the use of threats or physical violence. Domestic violence has many different names, battering; relationship abuse, spousal abuse, family violence, and intimate partner violence are just a few common ones. In most cases domestic violence is not reported to the proper authority.
I chose to write about Domestic Violence because I myself have experienced, firsthand, just how traumatic domestic violence can be. I was a victim in an abusive relationship for three years. I was abused daily; emotionally, physically, and mentally. Constantly trying to figure out “What did I do to deserve this?” or “Why me?” were questions I just never seemed to have the answers too. Being abused can break someone down to the lowest point of their life. It can make them feel worthless, hopeless, and selfless. The abusers beat us victims down to the point where it doesn’t only affect them, but everyone around. It affects their school, work, friendships,…

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