Essay on Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Women

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Domestic violence is pervasive in the Egyptians’ family life. Married women have experienced tremendous violence at the hands of the person who is meant to love them the most, their husbands. These women often suffer in silence, as domestic violence is perceived as a private matter. The forms of violence perpetrated against Egyptian women are physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial violence, emotional violence, and honour killing. Similar to China, Egypt lacks a state-sponsored data or study on domestic violence.
Data from 2005 Egypt Demographic and Health Survey (EDHS) found that physical violence is the most common form of marital violence in Egypt. Among the respondents, more than seven in ten women (72.1%) of the 5612 ever-married women ages 15-49 surveyed identified their current or previous husband as the perpetrator in at least one episode of physical violence. In regards to emotional abuse, 18% of the respondents had experienced emotional abuse, and 11% had experienced emotional abuse during the twelve months preceding the study. Almost all the women who suffered emotional abuse reported that their husbands had said or done something intended to humiliate them; also, 6% of the respondents reported that their husbands had threatened them or someone close to them with physical harm. The rates for women who had been forced by their spouse to have sex is 71%, and 4% of the respondents reported they had been forced to have sex with their spouse during the twelve months…

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