Domestic Violence And Its Effects On The Victim Essay

817 Words Oct 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Within the last few years, many societies are becoming increasingly aware of what qualifies as abuse and its effects on the victim. Domestic violence and physical abuse has long been accepted as wrong by the general population, but such abuses as sexual and emotional have stayed in a grey area until recently. Societal outrage at unsatisfactory sentences on rape and sexual assault cases, mental health being treated as the real disease it is, and understanding that men can be victims just as easily as women, have starting really tearing down the victim-blaming mentality and putting more accountability on the perpetrator. As a society, we have defined rape as anything that hasn’t been consented to; and defined consent as anything that has been voluntarily, excitedly, knowingly, informed, verbally, and overall, explicitly agreed to. Summarized, consent is what turns a run of the mill sexual encounter into rape or assault.
This has all be to the benefit of humans, though, and thanks to the tireless efforts of organizations dedicated to the welfare of animals, public opinion of abuse towards animals is rather negative. Physical abuse, passive or active neglect, lab testing, to name a few, have been discussed widely on mainstream media, and therefore people have renounced eating meat or any animal by-product, boycotts of SeaWorld and other establishments such as circuses have taken place, even the tradition of bull fighting in Spain has been condemned. While the physical welfare…

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