Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Society Essays

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In society today Domestic Violence is one of the more prominent crimes occurring. To many Domestic Violence is a man beating on his wife or vice versa. However domestic violence can be any violent confrontation between family members that harm someone physically or mentally as well as sexual assault. (clark Prosecutor) The issue with domestic violence, besides the obvious harm, is the strain it can put on a family and the underlying issues that causes someone to harm a loved one. According to the knowledge given to me by my Professor, Professor Johnston, Someone commits domestic violence because they want to have power over their signigicant other or possibly control them. I was taught in the same class that these offenders were either abused themselves or witnessed abuse in their adolescent years. As I have previously mentioned this crime in particular is an ongoing issue and goes deeper than just the surface level. While you the reader are surveying my paper I would like to learn the underlying issues of domestic violence and how to attack the deep root of the problem, As well as some famous cases that have led to the laws we have on domestic violence today. My goal is that hopefully, by the end you’ll understand that Domestic Violence is much more than spouses beating on one another. When you are abused by someone mentally or physically it will take a dramatic toll on your body. Imagine being victimized day after day, week after week or even year after year. It will take…

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