Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Society Essay

717 Words Oct 26th, 2016 3 Pages
Tshifhumulo and Mudhovozi states, “Statistics reveal that there are large numbers of women including those in marital unions or partnerships, who are enduring violence and abuse. Most of this abuse is at the hands of intimate partners and loved ones” (2013). Violence is a form of abuse and is an important and frightening issue that happens in today’s society. Many lives have been taken in result of the abuse and it is affected by the abuse in the marriage. Men, Women, and even teenagers are affected by this issue. Even though abuse is affected by men and women, women sometimes carry the burden of the abuse more than men do. I decided to choose this topic because I was a survivor of domestic violence with abuse and I struggled with ways of leaving the relationship peacefully and safe. At times in my abusive relationship I felt the only way out was to kill my boyfriend before he killed me, only because I wanted to leave him he wouldn’t allow me to. This may sound severe, yet many wives, girlfriends and significant others are in this situation and are frightened to get out without endangering themselves or their children. A Review of the Literature “Available literature shows that the reasons for women to remain within abusive relationships are diverse. The reasons include learned helplessness, fear, fear of economic security, guilt and feeling of failure, dependent children, culture and religious beliefs…Their fears also extend to their children, whose lives have…

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