Essay about Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Society

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Domestic violence is a recurring issue in everyday life that is one of the most confidential crimes kept in the United States. Spousal violence is an issue that leads into other situations because of an Abuser 's actions. Domestic violence is a pattern of aggressive behavior towards an spouse or intimate partner in order to control them. The Feminist Majority Foundation is a organization that is dedicated to women’s equality. According to Feminist Majority Foundation, “Women age 16 to 24 are most likely to be victimized by an intimate partner”. Domestic violence is an abuse that does not discriminate; it can happen to anyone of any race, age, or ethnicity. The family justice center view on domestic violence states, “Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence is not caused by stress, mental illness, alcohol, or drugs. The only true cause of domestic violence are the abusers’ choices to act violently and control their intimate partners”. Victims sometimes have no other choice but to stay in the violent relationship because they have no alternative or can 't find legal assistance. There are criterias people need to know when being involved domestic violence;giving signs to know when you 're being mistreated. If your partners makes you feel controlled in any form, you may be abused. The rate of domestic violence is increasing. In consonance to the Family Justice
Center, children who witness domestic violence “Often children witnessing abuse blame themselves for…

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