Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Domestic violence can be viewed as an epidemic, as people of all races, ethnicities, ages, sexuality whether gay, lesbian, and bisexual or transgender (GLBT) are victimized by the hands of their loved ones. It is often considered as a private matter, and no one outside the immediate family should know any details about what happened because the victims are scared of their offenders. They believe they can change or they feel the need to protect their family. Recent studies have shown many women suffer domestic abuse by their former partners or spouses. These Women are more likely to get killed, raped, or beaten by them. With The numbers increasing each year, people are beginning to question the criminal justice system. With many policies being put to protect victims, many jurisdictions in the United States have implemented "no-drop policy." The no-drop policy does not give prosecutors, or victims, the right to dismiss the charges, but instead follow through with prosecuting the offender. It requires the state to prosecute the offender even if the victim does not want to pursue the case. Like any other policy, the no-drop policy has many positive aspects as well as negative. I believe on the positive side because domestic violence is a serious crime and offenders should be punished accordingly by law. Because without the no-drop policy 50% to 80% cases of domestic violence are dropped, and victims suffer every second of every day
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