Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Domestic violence has become a more common problem than people believe in the United States. Bogard (1999) explains that the growing social issue can affect individuals regardless of socioeconomic race, age, or sexual orientation. This concept is known as intersectionality. Intersectionality is described as a concept explaining the similarities of racism, sexism, classism and homophobia (Bogard 1999 p.276). Bogard (1999) gives an example of a poor immigrant woman of color. In this case the individual may be oppressed because of her gender, ethnicity, or race. While domestic violence does not discriminate it does affect different groups differently. The effects of abuse can have a negative impact not only on the victim, but also children and other family exposed to the situation. These effects can be long-term, physical, emotional, and psychological. Domestic violence also differs in the sense of socioeconomic status. While it is seen throughout all social classes the causes and types may vary.
Defining of Domestic Violence Domestic violence is described as “a violent crime committed in the context of an intimate relationship. It is characterized by acts of violence, power and coercion intended to control another person’s behavior” (Powell and Smith 2011 p1). There are five different forms of domestic violence including physical, sexual, emotional, economic and psychological. Powell and Smith (2011) explain that while there are five different forms of abuse,…

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