Essay on Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Children

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In the United States, about 3 to 4 million families exist domestic violence, and about 7.5 million children are affected by it (Doorways, 2012). Domestic violence is the abusive and threatening behaviors that happened in marriages, families, and other intimate relationships, and it involves physical, emotional and economic violence; the purpose of domestic violence is to control the victims (Chhikara, Jakhar, Malik, Singla&Dhattarwal, 2013). However, domestic violence is illegally even though it happened between family members, and using violence will bring the bad influence for the whole families, and especially on children. Domestic violence is disadvantageous for educating children, and it negatively effects on their psychological health, family view and ability of cognition, so finding the solutions of preventing and stopping domestic violence is valuable.
Firstly, domestic violence will cause children long-term psychological damages, which can impact on their school performance. According to Groves (1999), the research shows that the children who have experienced domestic violence are more likely to have the negative emotions, such as feeling the fear that from parents, and feeling disappointment and helpless. Also, they are more likely to feel anxious, and they may have aggressive behaviors. Moreover, they may have hostile behaviors against parents (Groves, 1999). Domestic violence brings children the psychological trauma that will impact on their emotions, and brings…

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