Essay about Domestic Violence And Hiv / Aids

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There was nothing in the scenario that said it was a Domestic Violence case, but with what I learned about domestic violence from the curriculum it enabled me to make that judgement. As I continually practice doing case study assignments I’m learning how to integrate what I’m learning with instinct. I was also introduced to the curriculums on Domestic Violence and HIV/Aids. The domestic violence curriculum educated me more on what it was the effects and strategies on how to assist clients through it. CUCE services batterers as well as victims. I learned about another from that should be added to a client’s charts if they are being serviced for DV it’s called a first encounter form. This form gives the client the chance to define what domestic violence is to them , and to tell what are the types, characteristics and forms of DV. Domestic violence can be sexual, physical, physiological, emotional and economic. In the curriculum it identified 21 warning signs of abuse. To name a few extremely jealous, calls partners name puts him/her down and intimidating. The curriculum identified the difference between healthy un- healthy relationships as well. This training was interesting, and informative to me because I was able learn more about the characteristics and signs of domestic violence that I may not have noticed before. Domestic violence also effect children of all ages. The curriculum gave examples of different age groups and signs of DV. Surprisingly I did not know that…

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