Essay about Domestic Violence And Gender Equality

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In Australia, today, Men and Women are not equal in society. To this day and probably for a long time feminist campaigners fight for equal rights, but recently they are starting to be ignored because it has been realised that many of their arguments are fabrications, fictitious, fake and just plain wrong. There is no rape culture, that men are the leading cause of death for females, that It is only women who are victims of domestic violence, that 22%–35% of women who visit hospital emergency rooms do so because of domestic violence and the gender pay gap. According to The Gender Pay Gap statistic published by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency the current pay gap between men and women in Australia is 17.9%. This means for every dollar a man makes a woman makes 82 cents. But, what if i told you these statistics are misleading and false, and present a standpoint for feminists. What if there is really no where near as much gender discrimination as is made out by statistics, politicians, and feminist campaigners. Are men becoming the victims of discrimination in today 's society?

The gender pay gap is the most untiring myth called upon by feminists and social justice campaigners. let 's talk about the “pay gap”, the gender pay gap is based on very broad spectrum figures and does not take into account hours worked, career choices and life choices.
On average, men employed full-time worked more hours per week than women employed full-time across all occupations, men on average…

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