Domestic Violence And Family Violence Essay

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Domestic Violence is one of the largest red flags in intimate relationships, where women specifically have difficulties of leaving their abusive partners. According to Coltrane and Adams “we live in a culture that romanticizes violence in general and relationship violence in particular, so that “being hit” is often mixed up with “being loved.” The media such as movies, songs, novels, and greeting cards continually remind individuals that belonging to (or owning) another is the height of romance (Coltrane and Adams). Throughout history, there are notions of patriarchy, property and privacy that goes into traditional family, creating almost a barrier that tended to keep the state from interfering in family life (Coltrane and Adams). Domestic violence or family violence can take on many forms, which includes intimate partner violence, child abuse and neglect, and elder abuse but the focus on this subject will be intimate partner violence, especially in women. Domestic Violence or family violence are referred as the “neglect of physical abuse (actual or threatened) of a current or former intimate partner, child, or elder” (Coltrane and Adams). In a general subject, family violence can be sexual, verbal, emotional, psychological, material and even financial (Coltrane and Adams). The experience of physical abuse tends to create psychological trauma, whereas for battered it can involve a combination of physical abuse which is exploiting them sexually, isolating them family,…

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