Essay Domestic Violence And Domestic Abuse

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In North America it cannot be hidden that domestic violence is a problem both for men and women, though 95% of the victims of domestic abuse are women (Gordon, 1996). Between 21-34% of all women in North American have been victims of domestic violence in there lives (Gordon, 1996). Since the women 's movement, studies about women have greatly increased and have caused great achievement, but very few studies have looked at the abused women and the services that are offered to them. When Gordon examined the 12 abused women in her study, she found that many of the women did not bother using the formal services available to them but instead turned to family and friends (1996). Gordon also discovers that the most contacted services are the police and crisis centres, though according to the women in these studies the most contacted services are usually the least effective or helpful (1996). Bennett also identifies that the study of these programs is a recent development (2004). Bennett presents a different argument that Gordon, suggesting that the programs that were studied and the women who used them found the programs and services to be effective (2004). Bennett 's research also suggest that in order for recovery to be effective a combination of service need to be used and that a victim cannot rely on only one service (2004). Bennett also identifies a key finding in the study, many women do not seek help for a prolonged period of time which may be the reason that they return…

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