Domestic Violence And Domestic Abuse Essay

722 Words Apr 19th, 2016 3 Pages
‘Abuse usually starts gradually and gets worse over time’ (Haley et al, 2010, p.15). Many victims and survivors, unfortunately do not always detect the abuse straight away. Looking at only one side of domestic abuse is offensive, as there is not just one perspective of domestic abuse. The reality is, people are still suffering from domestic abuse, inflicted by their inmate partners within today’s society. Domestic violence and abuse is a serious crime, which needs to be addressed. In the city of London, innocent and vulnerable indivudals are being abused at the hands of their initmate partners. There are many abrivations used around domestic abuse. IPV represents Inimate Partner Violence and is used when talking about violence within intimate couples. However, this diseration will not only focus on the violence which occurs between two intmate partners. Therefore the term ‘Domestic Abuse’, will be used throughout this project. As it only represents not only violence, but also emotional, finanical, social and pychological abuse.
Why domestic abuse?
I choose this subject as an area of exploration, as a few of my close family members have been domestically abused in the past by the person they thought loved them. I have seen what domestic abuse can do to both female and male survivors. However, not everyone who has been domestically abused survives, some people do lose their lives, due to their partners. For that reason, I have decided to compare and discuss the experiences of…

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