Domestic Violence And Domestic Abuse Essay

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Domestic Violence
A young woman thought she found her true love in her early 20’s, instead she found herself married to a man who repeatedly pointed a gun at her head and threatened to kill her, she was too scared to reach out for help and deep down she believed he loved her and that the abuse was her fault. Domestic Violence is the leading cause of injuries to women between the age of 15-44 in the United States (Statistics). Because Domestic Violence is accompanied behavior that is only a fraction of pattern dominance and control. Victims of domestic partner physical, sexual and mental abuse often don’t seek help because they are scared of what others will think if them, they are scared of what will happen to their abuser and they often believe they have done something wrong to deserve the abuse. To complicate matters more, children are often in the homes and experience their own trauma from being exposed the the violence in their homes.
Many violent domestic abuse victims suffer through broken bones, head injuries and black eyes. Sadly only 1 in 5 of domestic violence victims with physical injuries go to the hospital to seek professional medical treatment. Domestic victims likely don’t seek medical attention because “love” is in front of all the pain. If the hospital sees the victim has visible bruises they are required to report the crime. This policy often scares domestic violence victims away from seeking medical attention. Many things can go wrong if the abuser finds…

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