Domestic Violence Against Women Survey Essays

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Domestic violence has become less of an issue nowadays than it has been in the past. That does not mean it is not still a problem. Domestic violence accounts for about twenty percent of nonfatal violent crime that women have experienced, and about three percent that men have experienced. Domestic violence can vary from just simple assault to homicide. Offenders can be current, or even former, intimate or dating partners. Domestic violence tends to be underreported because women report only one-quarter to one-half of domestic violence assaults, and men report even less. It isn’t always life-threatening. Violence can involve pushing, slapping, and hitting, but many victims don’t seek out medical treatment even if their injuries require it. There have been many surveys taken to see the amount of domestic violence in men and women. One of these surveys, the National Violence Against Women Survey, done in 1995 showed that nearly one in four women experienced rape and/or physical assault by a current or former spouse/partner/dating partner. In the twelve months before the survey was taken 1.5% of women said they were victimized. Another survey, the National Crime Victimization Survey, reported ⅓ of the statistics were lower for women. The NCVS also found that women are the victims in about 85% of all domestic violence incidents, and women in heterosexual relationships have the same or higher rates. These surveys also showed that one in thirteen men had experienced rape or…

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