Domestic Violence Against Men : Unlikely Or Hard? Believe? Essay

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Domestic Violence against Men: Unlikely or hard to believe? Since birth women have been known as the nurturers the beings that are here when we need love and care and men are the fighters and protectors. Throughout life we have been taught these gender roles to be able to fit into our rightful places to operate the norms of society. Often, we see these roles change per situation. In some situations women become the fighters and protectors, leaving the men in a place of needing to be nurtured loved and cared for. When we think about domestic violence, our initial thought almost always goes to a man beating his wife because these are the cases that are talked about more and there are more cases of man versus woman. We always come to the rescue of the woman, but what about the men.
Author Elsie Hambrook takes an opposing stand on the situation and she implies that domestic violence happens more to women than men.
In her article, Domestic Violence against Women is More Common than Domestic Violence against Men, she begins with the quote, “I’ll tell you one area where women are equal: as perpetrators of domestic violence (¶ 1). She points out that this comment is commonly seen in different forums and states that some say that women’s movement against domestic violence gives no respect to that women are just as violent as men (¶2). Supporting that, Hambrook goes on to mention how men are indeed victims of domestic violence and it is frequent. However, the domestic violence…

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