Domestic Violence Affects Every Culture, Gender, Age, And Socioeconomic

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In someone home throughout the world right now is getting either physically or emotionally abuse by either their spouse or partner. There is a chance that they will call the police and report the incident and there is an another chance that, that will not happen. By reporting the incident can save a life, but the chance of not could mean it is to late. There many reason why some victims report domestic violence and others do not. Out of all the reason there is, there is one that is the greatest because people face this emotion everyday which is fear. The victims that over come this and think of protection call the police. Domestic violence affects every culture, gender, age, and socioeconomic. The police has been responding to domestic violence calls for years, but they are now making the changes needed to better response to domestic violence. Domestic violence is a growing issue and we need to come together to find ways to try to reduce and stop the issue. This is what many organizations, individuals, and some people and agency in the criminal justice system is trying to do.

“In the past, domestic violence was often seen as a way husbands could legitimately 'correct ' their wives.” (Clark, 2011). When people hear about domestic violence now, they may or may not be to quick to respond; but if they do they usually state that no man or woman should hurt their significant other. Most people do not know that this is a big issue around the world and it is growing. Many…

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