Domestic Violence : A Social Problem Essay

885 Words Dec 10th, 2014 4 Pages
Introduction Domestic violence has been recognized as a major social problem in Canada. According to Statistics Canada there are approximately 653,000 women in Canada that have experienced some form of domestic violence (Allagia & Maiter, 2006). While the women’s movement of 1970’s was instrumental in raising awareness about the issue of domestic violence among women in general (Landau, 2006), it failed to take into account the concerns of racially marginalized immigrant women (Chokshi, Desai & Adamali, 2009; Dasgupta, 2000). The experience of domestic violence is complex and further amplified in the case of racially marginalized South Asian immigrant women due to the multiple identities adorned by them on the basis of race, culture and gender (Ammar, Orloff, Dutton & Hass, 2012). Several researchers have examined domestic violence as primarily being a gender led oppression that is founded in the generally patriarchal led South Asian family (Goel, 2005; Raj & Silverman 2002; Dasgupta, 2000). However as an anti-oppressive social work practitioner it is important to challenge the primary position gender occupies and explore the role of other factors like racism, culture and class privilege in explaining the structurally discriminatory experience of domestic violence (Sokoloff & Dupont, 2005). Hence my thesis statement for this essay is that an anti-oppressive approach via intersectional feminist theory is essential to working with racially marginalized immigrant South…

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