Essay about Domestic Violence : A Public Service Announcement

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On January 27, 2015 during the Super Bowl, a public service announcement entitled “Domestic Violence” was broadcast by the National Football League and NoMore.Org. The video casts two characters: a woman whose face is not revealed and a 911 telephone operator’s voice. The woman pretends to order a pepperoni pizza because her partner monitors her, but she really reports the abuse. Therefore, the operator has to decode the victim’s report based on the hints she provides, as she replies “yes” to his “yes/no” question regarding an emergency. The PSA ends with a slogan, “when it’s hard to talk, it’s up to us to listen.”
The NFL created this artifact to raise awareness about domestic violence. The artifact emerged at a time when the NFL was widely criticized for not punishing its players (especially Ray Rice) who are accused of domestic violence. This created a nationwide outrage. It is crucial to discuss domestic violence issues now because other issues such as immigration and gun control receive more attention in the media. Consequently, a serious issue like domestic violence gets overlooked. As individuals in society do not like to be seen as avoiding their responsibilities, the NFL exploits this concern to persuade these individuals to actively fight back against domestic violence. As a result, the PSA unifies the audience and the rhetor as they share goals; also, the audience are unified as they feel more responsible.
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