Essay on Domestic Verbal Abuse And Domestic Violence

1196 Words Apr 1st, 2015 null Page
Ever heard of the phrase “Stick and Stone’s may break your bones but words will never hurt me”? Although this quote may be popular, words do hurt. Mentally they can affect someone just as much as physical pain. Generally when we think about domestic abuse, we usually think about physical abuse and ignore verbal abuse. However domestic verbal abuse is just as impactful as domestic physical abuse. A Singaporean PSA awareness campaign ad against domestic verbal abuse shows an image of half an arm coming out of the man’s mouth punching his significant other in the face. At the bottom of the ad the words “Verbal abuse can just be as horrific” are bolded and next to the text is the campaign’s contact information. The Singaporean PSA campaign effectively delivers its message against domestic violence, displays the effects of this abuse, and reaches out to those who are victims of domestic verbal abuse. This is successfully accomplished by incorporating composition, color, contrast, and angles into the ad to express the message and emotion to the viewer. On first impression, the visual effectively conveys that the ad is about verbal abuse towards women. Although that may be true, the original intent is to clarify that verbal abuse is just as harmful as physical abuse, and it is not something to be ignored. The ad successfully delivers this message by incorporating composition and color. The placement of the arm that is coming out of the man’s mouth equates to words that a domestic…

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