Essay about Domestic Terrorism : Terrorism And Terrorism

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Domestic Terrorism
Domestic terrorism is an ongoing threat to the homeland security of the United States. Homegrown terrorists, influenced by radical ideologies from international terrorist groups, top the list of hazards the citizens and U.S. law enforcement should prepare for. Most domestic terrorism strikes are conducted by one person or a small group. Domestic terrorists want to coerce or frighten a civilian population and disrupt a country’s government. Multiple causes influence domestic terrorists and their actions. The U.S. government needs to devise advantageous strategies to prevent domestic terror attacks and to protect its citizens. Because of all these factors, the biggest challenge to homeland security is domestic terrorism.
To understand domestic terrorism, it is necessary to find a precise definition of the term. Domestic terrorism is defined as activities that involve dangerous acts towards human beings that violate federal law and they mainly occur within the territory of the United States. Domestic terrorism is intended to intimidate a civilian population, to influence a government policy by intimidation, or to affect the performance of a government by kidnapping, mass destruction, or assassination (Terrorism). The main characteristics of a domestic terrorist is that he or she lives in the United States and is planning to execute a terrorist attack in the country. Domestic terrorists are motivated by various causes. Arguments about the causes of terrorism…

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