Domestic Terrorism And The United States And Overseas Essay

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According to Lewis, “Domestic Terrorism involves groups or individuals who operate without foreign direction entirely within the United States and target elements of U.S. government and citizen” (p. 209). In different countries they also have a form of domestic terrorism of what we can also refer as homegrown terrorism. What are the possible ties that the domestic terrorism in the United States and abroad are relatively close? It seems like they share the goal of inflicting fear and causing destruction on the citizens of their country, but how are they alike when it comes to their political views, religion, education, economic background and ethical background. We are going to take a deeper look on what are the potentially comparable aspects of domestic terrorism in the United States and overseas such as the Philippines and Columbia. According to Federal Bureau of Investigation (1996), The major themes espoused today by right-wing groups are conspiracies, such as the New World Order and gun-control laws, apocalyptic views stemming from the approach of the millennium, and white supremacy” (p. 17). The following could be the reason behind the domestic terrorism in the United States and what causes the domestic terrorist to engage in violence against the civil population and the government. This results in bombing government properties, mass killing targeting the general public transportations and attacks on government properties. Although engaging in a violence the…

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