Domestic Terrorism And The Terrorism Essay

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When it comes to defining terrorist there seem to be some ambiguity in the criteria of what is considered terrorism and what is not. Conversely, Crone and Harrow (2011) suggested the best definition of domestic terrorism is belonging and autonomy of the west. Accordingly, this criterion eliminates some terror acts directed towards the government while inclusive of others. Eugene (2004) argues regardless of the level of autonomy the groups possess the defining attribute of the group or individual is the overall aim or intent. Accordingly, Tom argues the best definition of domestic terrorism would be individual, groups, or organizations that live or have residence in this country and advocate and inflict acts of terrorism guided by their own political stance that is contrary to this country. Domestic terrorism seeks to weaken the perception of the government by destroying infrastructures and innocent lives and prove to the citizens the vulnerabilities of the government.
Domestic terrorism has an extensive history of subversive violence and discontent with diverse groups and individuals that resist some aspect of political viewpoints this country has espoused over the past two hundred years. While it was not deemed domestic terrorism at the time; nevertheless, according to modern definition the actions of theses malcontents were nevertheless domestic terrorism in origin. History records a sundry of accounts of incidents that could clearly be categorized as domestic terrorism…

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