Rossum's Universal Robots?

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First we must look at what a robot is and from a definition given by a leading United States robotics research institute, where they defined a robot as a multifunctional, reprogrammable manipulator that has been made and is designed to actuate the movement of tools, materials, specialized devices and parts through variable motions that are programmed in order for the performance of different tasks as required by man (Robot Institute of America, 1979). The term robot was first used by Karel Capek from Czech Republic who was a novelist and he introduced the word during his play called “Rossum’s Universal Robots (RUR)” in 1920 Mostly robots are designed to assist humans on a day to day basis and in the execution of their daily duties. Domestic robots have today become of great significance to humans in their homes and also places of work because they have come to simplify work and associate with humans on a more technical basis. The term domestic robot refers to a robot that is either semi-autonomous or autonomous that is able to communicate and interact with humans by
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They assist humans with tasks around their homes and places of work that in general are represented by the 4 Ds which refers to Dangerous, Difficult, Dull or Dirty. Robots are effective for carrying loads that are too heavy for humans to carry. They are used where the work seems to be quite repetitive or boring because it could be very tedious and tiresome for an individual to the same thing over and over in repetitive formats for more than 12 hours a day. Robots has also been proved to increase efficiency and improve productivity in the workplace and also at home by doing some chores that were considered time consuming and unproductive which allows a person to do more productive duties somewhere else for example vacuuming, dish washing, laundry activities or even folding of

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