Domestic And Family Violence Protection Act 2012 Essay

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There are numerous legislations and policies that govern and protect victims of domestic violence (DV), although the most common legislation currently in place is the Queensland Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 (DFV). DV within Australia is an increasing problem within the legal, social and medical fields. Phillips (2006) explains that an estimated 36% of female domestic violence victims are faced with physical assault, while 19% are victims of sexual assault. In Australia on a yearly basis there is a projected half a million victims experiencing acts of domestic violence (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2013).

The current Domestic and Family Violence Act was released on the 17th of September 2012, replacing the 1989 Act. The DFV Act 2012 states that DV victims are entitled to the right to live without violence in their personal lives and aims to serve justice. The DFV Protection Act, 2012 classifies domestic violence as physical, psychological, sexual, emotional and economical abuse or any other controlling behaviour that causes the victim to fear for their safety and wellbeing. The legislation covers an extensive range of issues such as the forms of abuse, punishment, protection orders, confidentiality and interventions. The Acts main objectives are to prevent domestic violence within Australian families and between partners while reducing children’s exposure to domestic violence (DFV Act, 2012).

The Act also covers child protection and safety in…

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